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JP Newsletter 2004 Issue 2 Of thousands of words, images, and impressions Print

Of thousands of words, images and impressions

CCJP in the Current of Change

The second half of 2004, CCJP encountered several changes. New personnel come in to replace the old ones like the unending natural seasons. We have learned the life of the organisation, limitations of the work for justice in society where mammon is the highest while each human being is still weak and imperfect in the midst of violence of the current Thai society.

Although the work for social justice is carried out with great difficulty in country where state power is monopolised at all levels. Time and again, we have to face structural violence in Thai society. This includes unforgettable phenomena, such as violence at Takbai District and critical situation in Southern Thailand or the destruction by Tsunami tidal wave at the end of 2004. These situations are the clear indicators for the work of CCJP that it has to be firm and commit itself to the protest against violation of human rights in all forms, stand side by side with the poor and the voiceless, as well as reaffirming justice and peace in society.

The more Thai and global society is moving towards violence, persecution, murders and less love, the greater the mission of CCJP is.


We yearn to see justice and peace instituted in this world.

With fraternity.
Worapot Singha


Left : these are drawing produce by visitors who visited the school which was destroyed by Tsunami in Phuket, Thailand.

Right : a little Burmese boy at Burmese community in ranong

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